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2012 FDNY Symposium
Date: 03.16.2012

For the third year in a row, members of the Penn Wynne Fire Company have organized the township wide trip to the FDNY Symposium. The symposium is a two day classroom training session on various topics. This years topics included preparation for Hurricane Irene, arson investigation, handling a mayday, and decontamination procedures to name a few. This year we were joined by members of the Union Fire Association who also attended. We can't wait to see what next years topics will be.


RIT Run to Radnor
Date: 04.04.2012

Mid afternoon today, tones starting dropping for an assist to Bryn Mawr Fire Co on a working dwelling fire on South Ithan Ave. in Villanova. Rescue 21 made the response to stand by as a FAST Team in support of our fellow firefighters from Lower Merion and surrounding townships. We stood by for a good six hours keeping abreast of conditions and the whereabouts of dozens of firefighters.


Haverford House Fire
Date: 04.05.2012

After a nights rest, Penn Wynne was called to assist at a house fire in Haverford. Rescue 21 made the response and stood by as the FAST Team. After conditions improved due to the aggressive fire attack by Ardmore firefighters along with Gladwyne, Bryn Mawr and Narberth, crews from Penn Wynne were released from the FAST Team duties and went in service assisting with overhaul.


A Long Day
Date: 04.10.2012

Tones dropped very early this morning just after 3:00 AM for Engine 21 to assist Chester County as part of the Montgomery County Fire Task Force. The engine joined five other engines and two ladders as part of a county wide task force to stand-by along St. Peter's Road protecting homes while a massive fire burned acres of woods and brush in French Creek State Park. The engine was in service through the late afternoon. Kudos to the crew for such a long day. As they returned home, Penn Wynne was dispatched to Rolling Road for a dwelling with the report of an odor of burning in the house. Crews checked the house, but where unable to locate any source.


A Tribute to our Brothers
Date: 04.12.2012

The Brigade and Directors of the Penn Wynne - Overbrook Hills Fire Company send our condolences to the Philadelphia Fire Department on the line of duty death of Lt. Robert Heary and Firefighter Daniel Sweeney of Ladder Company 10, who lost their lives while operating at a multiple alarm fire. A contingent of firefighters from Penn Wynne and Gladwyne journeyed up to the firehouse to pay our respects and add to the memorial outside of the station.

Full Story from 6ABC.com


A Busy Saturday
Date: 04.21.2012

Our day had an early start with six members heading off to Norristown on board Rescue 21 for the final day of trench rescue class. Members were completing a 16 hour class with our brothers from the Norristown Fire Department and Upper Merion fire companies. Around 11:15 in the morning, the rescue assignment was dispatched for Montgomery Avenue just east of the Blue Route overpass. Callers were reporting a single vehicle on its side with at least one person who cannot get out. Crews from Bryn Mawr (23), Belmont Hills (22) and Penn Wynne (21) Fire Companies as well as Lower Merion Police and Narberth Ambulance made the response. First arriving Bryn Mawr firefighters confirmed a single vehicle on its side with multiple (5) occupants, some disabled, trapped inside. Crews from all three companies worked dligently to stablize the vehicle and remove the roof.

After dinner, Penn Wynne was dispatched to Yarmouth Road for a carbon monoxide alarm activation, followed by two fire alarm activations at the Greenhill Condominiums.


Car Precariously Resting
Date: 04.25.2012

The late afternoon brought the rescue assignment dispatched to Montgomery Avenue and Glenn Roads in Ardmore. Engine 25 (Ardmore), along with Rescues 22 and 21 responded for a vehicle resting on a parking bollard. The rescue companies worked together to secure the vehicle using cribbing and struts to ensure the vehicle would not move, before assisting the uninjured driver out of the vehicle. The company was back in service in about 30 minutes.


Sunday Morning Fire
Date: 04.28.2012

This morning Penn Wynne and Narberth Fire Companies were dispatched to the unit block of Rolling Road for smoke on the third floor. Engine 21 arrived and observed light smoke from a third floor window. A hose line was deployed as crews discovered a fire in the closet of a third floor bedroom. The fire was quickly extinguished, and a check for possible fire extension proved negative. A full working fire dispatch was dispatched, adding Engine 25, RIC 23, and Air 24.


Decon Run To Armore
Date: 05.03.2012

At 2:21 PM this afternoon, our Decon Unit was requested to support the County Haz Mat Team by Chief 25 (Hayden - Merion Fire Co of Ardmore) and Chief 81 (LoPresiti - County Haz Mat Team). A white bottle containing an unknown substance was thrown from a vehicle in the intersection of Lancaster Avenue and Woodside Road in Ardmore. The bottle was emitting a white cloud or gas. Lower Merion police arrived first, setup a perimeter and requested the fire department. Upon arrival and a quick investigation, the County Haz Mat Team was notified and a response started. 21 members responded with the Utility 21, Decon Trailer 21 and Engine 21 to support what would be a 3.5 hour operation to identify and mitigate the unknown substance. Members dressed in protective suits with breathing apparatus and initiated a rapid decontamination of two Ardmore firefighters. Once the haz mat team arrived and setup, we supported their operation of investigation and identification of the substance, decontaminating haz mat technicians upon completion of their operation.


Congratulations New Firefighters
Date: 05.22.2012

Congratulations to Firefighters Brian Conboy and Matt Stein on their successful completion and certification as nationally certified firefighters. The certification process is now approximately 166 hours hours, more than double what it was just eight years ago. The training consisted of both weekday nights and weekend training over several months. These two members join the majority of the brigade as nationally certified firefighters and shows the dedication of our members.


Train Crash
Date: 05.24.2012

Just before midnight the companies were dispatched to Waverly and River Roads at the railroad crossing for a reported train crash. Engine 24, Rescues 22 and 21 made the response, and were updated that the police were on scene reporting negative entrapment and minor injuries. Chief 24 had the apparatus continue in to ensure there was no issue with the train itself. After a few more minutes, Chief 24 determined that that assignment could be held to Station 24, and the rescue companies were recalled.


Scholarship Winner
Date: 05.27.2012

Congratulations to Firefighter Drew Kopicki on receiving $2,500 as part of the 2012 Thomas J. Hays Memorial Scholarship of the Main Line Chamber Foundation. Drew just completed his freshman year at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Congratulations Drew!


Three For Friday
Date: 06.29.2012

The usual quiet summer in the Village of Penn Wynne has been anything but that, averaging one call per day for the past two months. Luckily they have all been "smells and bell' types of incidents. At noon time we began with a fire alarm at the Palmer Theological Seminary. An investigation found a faulty detector. Then in the afternoon we went up the street to the Penn Wynne Elementary School for a vehicle fire. Upon arrival no fire was detected, however crews helped secure the scene after a violent one vehicle crash brought down a telephone pole. Utility services were contacted, and the vehicle was made safe. As we were backing in from that call the rescue was added to the working fire dispatch for smoke in the basement of a commercial building in Bryn Mawr. The situation was quickly placed under control a few minutes after our arrival and the rescue returned to quarters.


Water Rescue Operations
Date: 06.30.2012

Today members completed Water Rescue Operations with the all day, hands on session on the Schuylkill River. The course comprised of some classroom training, then moved to a swimming pool for a compotency test and practice, and ended with todays practical evolutions. This class was several years in the making due to scheduling and drought complications. We would like to thank the JCC for the use of their pool.


Rescue Task Force Training
Date: 08.02.2012

Tonight was our monthly technical rescue task force training, this time held at Penn Wynne. Tonight we began with a review of our knots, and then moved to a mechanical systems review. This was a great refresher for everyone, as you can never stop honing your technical rescue skills. And remember, a clean knot is a happy knot! Next month we will be at King of Prussia's station continuing with simple mechanical advantage systems.


Technical Rescue Training
Date: 08.29.2012

For this evenings drill, members traveled to Lankenau Hospital's new C Garage, and reviewed anchor systems and proper rappelling techniques. A bomb proof anchor was used on the top floor, and members rappelled from the fifth floor.


First Due Vehicle Rescue
Date: 09.07.2012

Around 5AM the company was dispatched to the area of City Avenue and Haverford Road for a vehicle fire. Soon after dispatch, the assignment was upgraded to a vehicle rescue, adding Rescue 22. Chief 21 arrived at a corrected location of City Avenue and Allendale Road with one car overturned. Crews from Rescue and Engine 21 worked along side with the Philadelphia Fire Department to extricate the sole occupant. Soon after extrication, a second vehicle rescue assignment came in for City Avenue and 63rd Street for a door pop. Rescue 22 and Engine 21 made that response, along with station 26 (Narberth).


Plymouth Township Police LODD
Date: 09.13.2012

Just before 6PM this evening, the tragic and senseless killing of Plymouth Township K-9 Police Officer Bradley Fox took place in the area of Conshohocken Road and Station Road. Law enforcement officers from all across this county, and some from outside the county, responded to search for the suspect. Approximately two hours later, Rescue 21 was dispatched to assist in providing scene lighting for the search of evidence and documentation of the crime scenes. The Penn Wynne - Overbrook Hills Fire Company sends our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Officer Fox, and the entire Plymouth Police Department.


Norristown Cover Up
Date: 09.29.2012

Today members took Rescue 21 to Norristown Boro and met up with Gladwyne Fire Company Ladder 24 to cover their fire district while their members organized and led the parade for the 2012 State Firemen's Convention. Fire companies from all around the state converged to the area to celebrate the camaraderie of the fire service and Norristown's Bicentennial. While the companies had no calls during their time, we enjoyed seeing all of the other companies and thank the members of the department for their hospitality.

Congratulations on a great parade!


Annual Open House
Date: 10.10.2012

The annual fire prevention open house is Wednesday October 10 at 7PM. Come meet members of your local fire company and all of our spectacular equipment. See you then!


Annual Banquet
Date: 11.10.2012

This evening we honored the active fire brigade with the annual banquet at Clothier Hall. It was a another great night, with awards going to:

Two Years of Service: Matthew Stein
Five Years of Service: Gavi Horwitz
Ten Years of Service: Daniel Gilbert
Thirty Years of Service: John Fallon, Robert Kaercher

Answering 1000 Calls: Christopher Millay, Christine Neely
Answering 1500 Calls: David Watrous
Answering 2500 Calls: Steven Kaercher

The Samuel Russell Service Award: Edward Schmid

Congratulations to everyone, and thanks to all of our guests for helping celebrate with us.


Two Rescues In 48 Hours
Date: 12.02.2012

Around 3AM on Friday November 30th, Rescue 21 was dispatched to the eastbound Schuylkill Expressway at mile marker 334.0 for a three vehicle accident with people trapped in two vehicles. Members arrived and assisted Rescue 22 and Squad 39 with extrication and patient packaging of two persons. Then at 02:44 on Sunday December 2nd, Rescue 21 went to Bryn Mawr to assist at a vehicle accident with one subject trapped. Rescue 21 arrived to find one vehicle entangled in live electrical wires, and another vehicle that crashed into a tree with the operator heavily entrapped (see picture). Members went to work along side Squad 23 and Rescue 22 in cutting the passenger side posts, and our Transformer "Jaws of Life" were used to help free the drivers' trapped lower extremities. The company was in service for about an hour. We wish all of the injured persons involved a speedy recovery.


Santa is Coming To Town
Date: 12.06.2012

Once again, the Penn Wynne Fire Company has put in a request with the North Pole for Santa to visit the community. Our fire engine will be transporting Santa around the area on Sunday December 16th. In the morning we will be in the South Ardmore/Wynnewood area, and in the afternoon we will be in the Wynnewood Valley and Penn Wynne area. We hope to see you around!


First Due Dwelling
Date: 12.23.2012

This afternoon the company was dispatched to Greythorne Road for a report of smoke in the home. Crews arrived to find a smoke condition on the second floor in the area of a hallway closet. An 1.75" handline was deployed as crews found bedding material on fire. The company was assisted by Station 25 (Ardmore) in extinguishing the fire, removing contents, and checking for extension.


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