Ropes and Riggings
Date: 08.26.2018

Today marked the final day of our ropes and rigging class. A special shoutout to our two great instructors Chris Christopher Feder and Kevin Swan. Our morning consisted of patient packaging skills using a stokes basket and sled. We moved on to an obstacle course moving a 165 lb. mannequin in a sled up, down around and through the course using all the skills and techniques we had practiced over the initial eight hours of the class. And to make it a real challenge, two raw eggs were placed in containers with the rescue dummy at the head and under his knees. Needless to say our members rose to the challenge and neither egg cracked or broke. After lunch, we carried out a low angle rescue scenario. The class was a great refresher for those with previous training and provided a good foundation to build on for the novices.


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