Fire II Certification Achieved
Date: 7.7.2016 Congratulations to five of our volunteers who spent the past month attending classes and preparing for for the Firefighter II National Certification testing. Last night they successfully completed the program earning the certification. Thank you for your dedication to training!


Norristown Assist
Date: 5.7.16 Norristown firefighters were alerted of a structure fire on Dekalb Street around 4:00 AM. First arriving units had heavy fire showing from the 'B' side of the building, which was an end of the row, and people trapped within the structure. As the second alarm was struck, Rescue 21 responded to stand-by in Station 27D, the Fairmount. While in Norristown, we responded to an accident with injuries at Astor and Airy Streets. Our crew assisted with fluids. After returning to the Fairmount. we were called into the scene of the fire to assist with overhaul. The rescue returned to our station around 11:00 AM. We send our thoughts and prayers to the families who lost loved ones this morning.


First Due Working Fire
Date: 4.24.16 At 3:47 this morning, Stations 21 & 26 were alerted of a building fire on West Indian Creek Drive in the Penn Wynne section. LMPD arrived quickly and reported a working kitchen fire with all occupants out of the building. The township working fire dispatch was issued bringing fire and medical resources from the remainder of the township. Ladder 21 arrived, stretched a 1 3/4 inch hand line and worked their way into the structure. As additional resources arrived on location, a water supply was established, a second hand line was deployed and ventilation started. As the fire was extinguished, crews opened up and vented the structure. Once again, great teamwork took place from LMFD, Narberth Ambulance and Lower Merion police.

Units on Location:
Ladder 21, Rescue 21 and Utility 21
Engine 26, Ladder 26 and Engine 26-1
Engine 25-1
Engine 23 (Fast Team)
Ladder 24 and Air 24
Engine 28
Squad 22
Medic 313
Fire Marshall (34-1)


Snowmaggedon 2016
Date: 1.22 - 1.24.16 As forecasts changed through the week, we began to realize a strong N'or Easter was headed our way. Preparations began Friday afternoon calling for volunteers to staff the station from Friday evening (7 pm) through Sunday morning (11 am). Food was bought and the chains were installed on the trucks Friday night. Crews worked diligently to ensure the station grounds were clear for any type of response during this forty-hour period. Just before dinner on Saturday, we assisted Narberth Fire Company on Winchester Road for a possible building fire. At 6:30, Saturday night, we responded to Arbordale Road for a fire alarm. On our return to the station, we learned that due to the deep and drifting snow, we would be sending an engine to assist EMS on all residential medical calls. The overnight hours were quiet. Sunday morning brought clear skies and an assist EMS call at 8:46 on Tomkenn Road. Our last call of the storm came in at 12:46 pm on Sunday to assist EMS.


Date: 12.14.15 Today, our friends from the Philadelphia Highway Patrol stopped by the station to present Chief John Fallon with a plaque and thank us for the camaraderie and friendship during the Papal Visit this past September. During that weekend, there was a mix-up with the meals for the Highway Patrol during their stay at St. Charles Seminary. We were happy to share lunch with them on Saturday at St. Charles and breakfast Sunday morning at our station. Thank you to the Philadelphia Highway Patrol for remembering us. We look forward to our paths crossing again.


Date: 11.28.15 LMFD rescue crews were awoken at 2:25 this morning for an accident reported to be car vs. tree with one trapped. Rescue 21 made the response and assisted Rescue 22 with the removal of the roof. Engine 28 stood by with a charged hand line in case of fire. The victim was transported to Penn Presbyterian for treatment.


Papal Detail
Date: 10.26-27.15 A special visitor came to town this weekend ... Pope Francis. Months of preparation had come to be realized on this historic weekend. Members staffed the station from 7am Saturday morning through 4pm Sunday afternoon. In addition, engine and decon 21 stood by at St. Charles Seminary with engine 26-1 from Narberth Fire Company and ladder 25 from Ardmore. Llanerch Fire Company relocated an engine to our station for Saturday and Sunday daytime as a precaution due to expected high traffic volumes. During the detail, engine 34-1 from Llanerch responded to an odor of gas on Wood Circle Saturday afternoon. And engine 21 responded to an elevator motor fire in the seminary with engine 26-1 and ladder 25. The weekend proved to be an excellent display of camaraderie not only within our company but across the township. #papalvisit2015 #lmfd #teamwork


Vehicle Rescue
Date: 9.8.15 Around 4:30 this morning, the tones dropped alerting members of Gladwyne Fire Co. (Sta. 24), Belmont Hills Fire Co. (Sta. 22) and Penn Wynne Fire Co. (Sta. 21) of an accident with entrapment at River and Mill Creek Roads. The location of the incident was quickly changed to Mill Creek and Grays Lane in Haverford adding the Merion Fire Co of Ardmore (Sta. 25). Lower Merion police were out with a single vehicle accident in the creek with one occupant heavily entrapped. The initial size-up was a single occupant in the vehicle with heavy front end damage. The occupant was wedged between the front seat and the dash. Crews from Rescues 21 & 22 assisted by Engines 24 and 25 worked tirelessly to free the occupant in what became a complex rescue. Due to the length of the incident and warm temperatures, a special request for Squad 23 (Bryn Mawr Fire Company) was made for manpower. Once free, the victim was transported to Lankenau Hospital's campus and helicopter pad by Narberth Ambulance where they were flown to Penn Presbyterian's Trauma Center by Pennstar. This incident marks another fine showing of teamwork from LMFD.

Video courtesy of CBS3

Units on Scene: Engine 24, Air 24, Rescue 21, Rescue 22, Engine 25, Squad 23, LMFD Fire Marshals, Narberth Ambulance and Lower Merion Police


Date: 7.25.15 Just after dinner the rescue assignment was dispatched to E. Wynnewood Road and Penn Road for an overturned automobile. Engine 25 (Ardmore) arrived and deployed a hand line and stabilization step chocks as Rescue 21 arrived and supplemented with stabilization struts. The Rescue then began to remove the windshield and cut the posts of the car. Squad 22 (Belmont Hills) arrived and assisted in gaining access to the patient. Once this was accomplished the patient was assisted out of the car and transferred to the care of medics from Narberth Ambulance.


4 Alarm Fire
Date: 7.6.2015 Just before 6 PM today, pagers were alerting members of a cover assignment for Ladder 21 to stand-by in Upper Darby Station 37. Upper Darby and the initial covers were working at a two alarm fire on 69th street. As Ladder 21 approached Station 37, the third alarm was struck and Ladder 21 responded directly in to the scene. Ladder 21 raised its aerial to the roof and assisted with roof operations for approximately three hours. The ladder was back in the station around 9 pm. During the incident, we also ran an accidental fire alarm due to cooking on Indian Creek Road


Working Fire
Date: 7.3.2015 Just after 8pm, Station 26 (Narberth) was dispatched to a fire alarm in the 400 block of fairview Road in the Penn Valley section of Lower Merion. Upon arrival, Engine 26 reported light smoke from the structure and requested the upgrade to the building adding the second due company, Station 24 (Gladwyne). As crews made entry to the structure, Chief 26 arrived on location and requested the working fire dispatch alerting additional volunteers bringing Squad 22 (Belmont Hills), Engine 25-1 (Merion of Ardmore) as RIC and a truck from Stations 28 (Union), 21 (Penn Wynne) and 23 (Bryn Mawr). Rescue 21 made the response. Upon arrival, our crew was divided into two groups. One was assigned to assist with opening up on the first floor and the second went to the basement to assist with fire suppression and overhaul. The rescue's crew operated for just over an hour. Another great showing of teamwork with LMFD.


Date: 6.23.15 While the Rescue was helping to free the trapped motorist, the balance of the company was dispatched to the 500 block of East Spring for a reported house fire. Crews found a large tree limb had taken down high voltage power line. Thousands of volts of electricity were surging into the ground, and unfortunately caught one shed on fire and damaged another. With electricity still flowing, crews had no choice but to wait for the arrival of PECO to de-energize the lines. Extra help from the Narberth & Ardmore fire companies were summoned to assist us in making sure the fire didn't spread to any occupied structures. Crews were on scene for approximately three hours.

While this incident was taking place we had two other calls for service, one on Fairiston Road and the other on Greythorne. Both of these were for outdoor electrical fires involving broken tree limbs.


Date: 6.23.15 Around 6PM a line of strong storms rolled over the township alerting township volunteers for numerous calls for service. The Rescue Assignment was dispatched to Spring and Lippencott Avenues for a reported tree on top of an occupied auto. Engine 25 (Ardmore) arrived to confirm one occupant trapped in the car. Rescue 21 arrived and removed the passenger side door so medics from Narberth Ambulance could asses, package, and transport the patient to the hospital. Rescue 22 (Belmont Hills) also made the response.


An Early Morning
Date: 5.16.15 Just after 5:00 AM this morning, the vehicle rescue assignment went out for 1 Fairview Road in the Penn Valley section of Lower Merion alerting Engine 26, Rescue 22 and Rescue 21. County dispatch was receiving multiple reports of one vehicle off the roadway and overturned with one subject inside. As members responded to the stations, LMPD updated the location to be on Conshohocken State Road between Fairview and Mill Creek. Units arrived to find a van off the roadway on its side with one subject confined in the vehicle. The difficulty with the incident was that the van had come to a stop in a slightly wooded area off State Road which had a somewhat steep decline towards Mill Creek Road. Engine 26 deployed a hand line for fire protection and crews from Rescues 22 & 21 worked together to stabilize the vehicle and extract the patient. Once free, the individual was packaged and transported to Penn Presbyterian's trauma center for evaluation. Another great showing of teamwork from LMFD.


Overnight Vehicle Fire
Date: 5.21.15 Early this morning, members were awoken around 2:30 with the report of a vehicle fire on Lancaster Avenue at Clover Hill Road. Soon after dispatch, the Merion Fire Company of Ardmore was notified of a reported car fire further west on Lancaster Ave in Ardmore. Lower Merion Police found a vehicle into a pole and fully involved with fire on Lancaster Avenue west of Remington Road. All occupants were reported out of the vehicle. Engine 21 arrived to find the vehicle, pole, wires and trees involved and lead off with an 1.34" hand line. As it became clear the Ardmore call was unfounded, Engine 25 responded in to assist with additional water. Crews operated for just under an hour at the scene. (Photo credit - Tom Hayden, Merion Fire Co.)


Date: 5.16.2015 Today, six members successfully completed the 1006 National Certification testing for the Vehicle and Machinery Rescue Technician I program. Congratulations to our six and all the members of the rescue task force who passed. Special thanks to Assistant Chief Bill Elder of King of Prussia who organized the program.


Date: 5.7.2015 Tonight the engine stood by at the JCC Kaiserman Center during their annual bonfire to celebrate the school year. Lot's of fun was had by all.


Block Party
Date: 5.1.2015 Tonight the engine stood by at a block party on Witley Road. The kids enjoyed the fire truck while adults relaxed and enjoyed great food.


Norristown Assist
Date: 4.19.15 Around 1pm this afternoon, the Norristown Fire Department was dispatched to a building fire on Kohn Street. As the fire reached the 3rd alarm, Rescue 21 and Ladder 24 were dispatched to cover the Fairmount of Norristown. While en route, they were redirected to the scene. Crews stood by and assisted with overhaul. We returned to Lower Merion around 4 pm.


precarious Situation
Date: 2.24.15 Around 9:15 this morning, tones dropped alerting volunteers of a vehicle rescue at the Ardmore Acura Dealership. An elderly woman exited the car wash and jumped a guard rail and snow pile landing on two cars. Crews from the Merion Fire Company, Penn Wynne Fire Company and Belmont Hills Fire Company worked together to stabilize the vehicle. The rescue companies removed the passenger side front door and assisted with removal of the driver. She was transported to Penn Presbyterian's new trauma center. Rescue 21 remained on scene with Engine 25 until the vehicle had all four wheels back on the ground. Once again, a fantastic show of teamwork from LMFD.


Firefighters Social
Date: 2.21.15 Today we were taking inventory of our door prizes for the annual upcoming firefighters social. Lots of neat stuff available. Our social is open to firefighters from Lower Merion, our neighboring companies, the rescue task force and members of Narberth Ambulance and Lower Merion Police. Join us for a fun night this Thursday, 2/26.


Feline Frenzy
Date: 2.14.14 Around 8:00 this morning, we were dispatched for a special service to assist a homeowner whose cat was stuck behind the basement wall. The rescue and ladder made the response to the South Ardmore section to assist. Crews used a thermal imaging camera to locate the cat and a saw to cut away part of the panelling. Once opened up, Bubbles emerged slowly to calls from mom.


Xpressway Run
Date: 2.6.15 At 8:21 pm, pagers alerted personnel of an accident with entrapment at Belmont and the Schuylkill Expressway. Rescue 21 made the response assisting Belmont Hills (22). Rescue 21 was advised to take City Ave. north to the expressway west to Belmont Ave. Rescue 22 had one vehicle with the driver trapped inside. Best access for us was to pass over Belmont Avenue and proceed the wrong way down the west bound on-ramp. Crews worked to remove a portion of the roof and passenger side doors. Once access was gained, EMS boarded the patient and transported to HUP's brand new trauma center at Penn Presbyterian.


Assist to Norristown
Date: 2.4.14 Early in the morning Norristown Fire Department was dispatched to a building fire at the Norris Apartments located in the 600 block of Swede Street. First arriving responders had smoke on the first floor with a fire in the basement. Upon further investigation, crews found the fire had run the voids in the building extending to all floors. Extra alarms and resources throughout Montgomery County were called to the scene. Firefighters fought cold temperatures to make many rescues. Around 7:30 in the morning, ladder 21 was requested to stand-by at station 27 D ("The Fairmount"). The truck staffed with five spent eight hours in Norristown running three calls.


Day of Service
Date: 1.9.14 Penn Wynne Fire Company is partnering with Cradles to Crayons as a collection site for donations during their MLK Day children's essential collection. Cradles to Crayons, the local nonprofit that combats the effects of poverty faced by children in the Greater Philadelphia area, will conduct a region-wide drive on Monday, January 19, to collect essential everyday items for disadvantaged children, ages 0-12, in support of the annual Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. Individuals are encouraged to donate new and gently used infants' and children's clothing, warm coats, hats, gloves, shoes, boots, newborn baby items, baby safety equipment, toys, books and school supplies. Cradles to Crayons' volunteers, will be in our station for the event on Monday, January 19, from 10 am to 2 pm.

MLK Flyer


Happy New Year!
Date: 1.1.15 Members did not have to wait long for the first call of the year. At 4:13 in the morning, pagers alerted Penn Wynne and Gladwyne Fire Company members of a water rescue at Lancaster Ave. and Lankenau Drive on the hospital's campus. LMPD was reporting a van overturned in the creek with a subject inside and fire and ems should expedite. Allegedly, the van was exiting the hospital campus, left the roadway driving through a fence and into a culvert retaining wall landing on its passenger side in the creek. First arriving units determined the driver was the sole occupant and trapped in the vehicle. Accordingly, Rescue 22 from Belmont Hills was added to the incident. Crews worked through difficult conditions to stabilize the vehicle, extricate and package the victim and transport the individual through the woods where more advanced medical care could be given by Narberth Ambulance Paramedics. Due to the severity of the injuries, the victim was flown to HUP's trauma center. The incident marked another example of great teamwork in Lower Merion.

Units Operating on Scene were Rescue 21, Engine 21, Utility 24, Air 24, Boats 24-1 & 2, Rescue 22, Narberth Ambulance, Pennstar 1 and LMPD

Photo credits to CBS Philly, Gladwyne Fire Co and Penn Wynne Fire Company


Go with the Confirmed
Date: 12.12.14 Just before 5 AM this morning, firefighters were awoken for a dwelling fire on Surrey Lane. The notes told us the occupant smelled something burning and had charring on the bathroom ceiling. While the engine and Chief were enroute, county advised LMPD were on location with smoke showing. Chief 21 requested the "working fire confirmed procedure" bringing Narberth Fire Company as the second due, Merion Fire Co as the third due engine, Bryn Mawr as the Fast Team, Gladwyne for the Air Truck and Narberth Ambulance. Initial crews confirmed the house was evacuated, pulled an 1 3/4" hose line and made way to the second floor where they found an odor, light smoke in the bathroom and a hot ceiling. As the line was charged, crews opened up to find a smoldering fire which had burned through several joists. All traces of fire were extinguished and the members were headed to work by 7:00 AM. Thanks to the company's who assisted us. It was another strong team effort.


Multi- Alarm Fire
Date: 12.3.14 This morning, firefighters were awoken just after 5 AM for a ladder assist to a working fire on Montgomery Avenue in Narberth. LMFD units were on the scene of two single story, adjoined buildings with fire throughout. Ladder 21 responded and took up a position in the rear of the buildings providing master stream support and opening up the rear of the buildings. The ladder was back in the station by 8 AM. Great teamwork to the following companies on scene: Narberth (26), Union (28), Belmont Hills (22), Merion (25), Gladwyne (24) and Bryn Mawr (23).


Annual Banquet
Date: 11.15.14 Tonight, members gathered at The Clothier Hall for the annual banquet. We enjoyed good food, music from the Heartbeats and danced the night away. We paid tribute to three friends, husbands, fathers and firefighters who passed over the prior year ... Fred Kaercher, Phil Delphey and Dick Beltz. We recognized the service of our brigade members and the sacrifices of their significant others. Special awards were presented to the following:
2 Years of Service - Chris Canazzi & Matt Hand
5 Years of Service - Brian Conboy & Mike Gallagher
10 Years of Service - Glenn Montgomery
15 Years of Service - Chrissy Neely
30 Years of Service - Tony Kopicki
3500 Calls Answered - Warren Neely
Russell Award - Mark McCauley
Director's Award for 38 Years of Service - Charlie Dorkey

Thanks to the banquet committee for a great job. See you next year!

Shore Thing
Date: 11.9.14 Today, members of the company along with King of Prussia and Norristown trained in structural collapse operations. Folks were educated on shoring principles to support a structure in order to effect a rescue should a structure be deemed unsafe. This training was an initiative of the Southeastern Montgomery County Technical Rescue Task Force. Thanks to All Hands Fire Training for a great day.


Date: 11.8.14 This morning the rescue assignment was dispatched to Lancaster Avenue and Lankenau Drive for a reported vehicle rescue. Crews arrived to find a three vehicle crash with one subject trapped. The crew from Rescue 21 arrived and proceeded to pop and remove the passenger side door as Ladder 21 deployed a precautionary handline. Medics from Narberth Ambulance attended to all of the injured parties.


Date: 11.5.14 This evening a group of firefighters from various Lower Merion companies as well as Norristown came together to hone their skills using acquired structures. The strip of stores on E. Wynnewood Road that will soon be demolished for the new Whole Foods was the sight of the training. Members trained on safely cutting a flat roof, hose line advancement, search & rescue, and rapid intervention techniques.


Sunday Morning House Fire
Date: 10.19.14 Shortly before noon this morning, pagers alerted Bryn Mawr and Ardmore firefighters of a house fire on County Line Road in Bryn Mawr. Dispatch notes informed firefighters of smoke and flames visible from a second floor window. First arriving police and fire units arrived to find heavy fire front a front second floor window of a three story twin. The working fire confirmed procedures brought Engines and Air 24 from Gladwyne and Rescue 21 from Penn Wynne. First in crews confirmed occupants were out of the house and made a great stop holding the bulk of the fire to a second floor bedroom. Rescue 21's crew stood by as the FAST Team and assisted with raising ground ladders. Crews were in service for an hour and a half.


Halloween Fun
Date: 10.14.14 Looking for something fun to do on mischief night? Stop by your community firehouse with your children for a Halloween Party. We'll have a magician, costume contest with prizes and treats for the kids. The event begins at 7:00 pm on 10/30 and is geared for kids up through age 12. Looking forward to seeing you then! Click Here for more info!


Fire Prevention Open House
Date: 10.02.14 Join us for our Fire Prevention Open House! Click Here for more info!


Busy Tuesday
Date: 6.10.14 Quiet times yield to busier moments and today was no exception. The company ran four calls in just under twelve hours. Our day started at 10:24 with a fire alarm at Friends Central School which was accidental due to burnt food. At 4:25, tones dropped for Rescue 21 and Rescue 47 (King of Prussia) to assist Norristown on a building collapse. Incident notes detailed a roof collapse with possible subjects trapped. Upon arrival, responders noted there was no collapse of the roof just some bricks that fell from the chimney and non-Norristown resources were recalled. This incident marked the first dispatch of the Southeastern Montgomery County Technical Rescue Task Force servicing the municipalities of Lower Merion, Upper Merion and Norristown. Around 7:00pm, Ardmore and Bryn Mawr were investigating electrical odors throughout the Churchill Court buildings in Haverford. Upon discovering smoke in the basement and elevator shafts, Chief 25 (Hayden) assumed command and asked for the confirmed building procedures bringing Gladwyne Fire Co full company, Rescue 21 as FAST and EMS to the scene. Crews stood by for twenty minutes as a small fire was located and extinguished in a penthouse elevator control room. Our day ended with a gas odor at City and Lancaster Avenues. Crews investigating has a slight odor coming from a PECO manhole cover and underground valve. PECO was notified and continued the investigation.


Swift Water Rescue Assist
Date: 6.8.14 During the dinner hour, tones dropped for Rescue 21 to assist crews operating on a swift water rescue in the Schuylkill River at the Flat Rock Dam. Gladwyne Fire Company was in service with their swift water rescue team to rescue two jet skiers who went over the dam and were stranded on the rocks below. Members stood by down river with throw bags and assisted with rigging lines for rescuer safety. The company was in service for two hours. Excellent job to all responders navigating sometimes treacherous waters.


Busy Weekend
Date: 6.8.14 This weekend was quite busy for the folks at Penn Wynne. We split our crews on Saturday to attend both Alex's Original Lemonade Stand and Brookline Fire Company's 100th Anniversary Parade. The Stand was a successful event as always and marked the ten year since Alex's passing. It is remarkable to see the dreams of a little girl blossom into such a worthy cause. Brookline's Parade was a well attended community event. Ladder 21 stood by forming an arch with Yeadon Fire Co along the parade route. Sunday, Rescue 21 attended Narberth Ambulance's block party and touch-a-truck event. Thanks to our members for giving their time and staffing these events.


Unit Citation
Date: 6.4.14 Tonight, members of the company were issued a Unit Citation for outstanding service at a vehicle rescue on February 15, 2014. The accident took place on I-76 West between Waverly Road and Conshohocken State Road in Gladwyne. The incident was complex and prolonged due to the vehicle leaving the roadway and travelling 100' down a snow covered embankment. Crews worked tirelessly with Belmont Hills Fire Co., George Clay Fire Co, Gladwyne Fire Co. to affect the rescue in very cold temperatures. Unit Citations were also issued to Belmont Hills and Gladwyne Fire Companies. Chief's commendations were presented to Township Staff, the Volunteer Medical Service Corps of Lower Merion and Narberth, George Clay Fire Co and Norfolk Southern for their assistance at this incident.


Graduation Day
Date: 5.1.14 Tonight, Firefighter Mark McCauley graduated from the Montgomery County Fire Academy earning his Firefighter I Certification. Mark was also honored with the Interior Firefighter Award. Mark joined Penn Wynne early last year. In his 14 months with us, Mark earned not only his Firefighter I certification but his State Basic Vehicle Rescue Technician as well. Congratulations Mark for all the hard work and a remarkable accomplishment.


Brushing Up On Construction
Date: 4.16.2014 Last nights drill focused on the fundamentals of lightweight building construction. Some learned a lot and others had a great refresher. Thanks to Bud Henkels of the Montgomery County Fire Academy for the great class.


County Wide Decon Drill
Date: 4.12.2014 Today, members staffed Utility and Decon 21 for the county wide hazardous materials decontamination drill at the Horsham Air Guard Station. The objective of the drill was to simulate a has mat incident with all county decon companies setup to support the county has mat team with decontamination once the incident was remediated. Secondary to that was to identify where equipment and training could be standardized. The drill was deemed a success. Penn Wynne members deconned three county technicians during the process. Thanks to those who participated. It was a great day working alongside the Montgomery County Haz Mat Team, Horsham Fire Co, Sanatoga Fire Co, Wyndmoor Fire Co and the Horsham Air Guard Unit


Header in Penn Wynne
Date: 4.6.2014 Just after noon, tones were dropping for a shed fire on Meredith Road. County dispatch was receiving multiple calls. Engine 21 arrived to find a shed fully involved with extension to trees and a fence. The heat was so intense it melted siding on the house and plastic molding on a car near by. The shed and its contents were a total loss. Crews were in service for 45 minutes.


Date: 2.15.14 Just after 6AM this morning the Rescue was dispatched along with Belmont Hills and George Clay Fire Companies to the westbound Schuylkill Expressway for a reported vehicle rescue. As units began to arrive on scene it was determined that a vehicle had left the roadway and had come to rest at the bottom of a ravine. Crews began to assemble equipment and come up with an incident action plan. Due to the limited access and close proximity to the river, the Gladwyne Fire Company was dispatched to assist with manpower by utilizing an access road off of Waverly Road and to have their rescue boats on standby. A coordinated rescue effort was utilized by all responders by deploying a come-a-long, stabilization struts, and low pressure air bags. Once this was in place, the air bag was inflated and cribbing was placed under the car to further support it as the sole occupant was extracted from the vehicle by members of Narberth Ambulance.

With the assistance of a specialized railroad vehicle, the patient was transported the mile down the tracks to the Gladwyne VFW where an aeromedical helicopter was waiting for transport to a local trauma center.


Date: 2.13.14 As with many other snow storms, whenever the region gets hits with significant snow falls our members stand by in station to provide a timely response to any emergency. Here are some pictures of one such response we had to assist Narberth Ambulance so they could help a member of our community.

Please continue to stay safe this winter season, and if you live in proximity to a fire hydrant, please take the time to clear the snow around it so we can better serve you.


Morning Mess
Date: 1.31.14 This morning, we were called in to assist the Merion Fire Co. of Ardmore on a vehicle fire with fuel spill. A construction truck was leaking fuel and caught fire. The truck had a auxiliary fuel tank in the rear containing diesel fuel, which also caught fire and leaked down the driveway. Special calls were made for Engine 26 (Narberth), Rescue 21 (Penn Wynne) and Rescue 22 (Belmont Hills). We assisted with deploying oil dry creating dykes to stop the flow of the gasoline and diesel mixture. The county haz mat team brought in booms, pads and additional absorbent materials to assist.

Here is a link to the story, pictures and a video from Main Line Media News.


RIC Run to Ardmore
Date: 1.25.14 Just after lunch, the building assignment (Merion Fire Co of Ardmore and Bryn Mawr) went out for the 100 block of Sheldon Lane in Ardmore. Lower Merion Police quickly arrived and reported heavy smoke showing from a twin home. The working fire upgrade brought Penn Wynne to the scene as the Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC) and Gladwyne for an engine and air truck. Crews worked well together in the frigid temps and snow to extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading to the adjoining twin.

Photos of the scene courtesy of Main Line Media News.


Cradles to Crayons MLK Day Community Collection Site
Date: 1.20.14 The Penn Wynne Fire Company, in cooperation with the non-profit Cradles to Crayons, is pleased to report that our firehouse will be a collection spot for vitally-needed everyday essential items for disadvantaged children, ages 0-12. You can drop off items between 10AM and 3PM on January 20th. Please use the below listed web-links for additional information.

Most needed items listing – updated weekly:

Items we accept listing:


Happy New Year!
Date: 1.1.14 The Penn Wynne Civic Association in conjunction with the Penn Wynne Library Directors held a New Year's Eve at Noon Celebration today. A lecture/demonstration on the chemistry of fireworks was led by Spark Park (Montgomery Ave, Narberth) starting at 11:00 AM. That wrapped up around 11:45 when everyone moved outside for a countdown to noon with a 2014 piñata ball drop from our ladder. A fun time was had by all.

We here at the Penn Wynne - Overbrook Hills Fire Company would like to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Safe 2014! Thank you for your continued support.


Date: 12.24.13 The Penn Wynne - Overbrook Hills Fire Company regrets to announce the passing of Chief Emeritus Fred Kaercher. As additional information becomes available we will make it available. Please keep the Kaercher family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.


Happy Holidays!
Date: 12.23.13 Yesterday, members escorted Santa throughout the district handing out cany canes to our community. We thank you for your support this year and wish you the best throughout this holiday season.


Remembering Harold
Date: 10.30.13 Today, members gathered to recognize and honor Harold F. Beck Jr. on the 25th Anniversary of his line of duty death. We gathered on Greenfield Avenue for a short tribute to his memory by recalling stories about Harold and the Kiddie City Fire, reciting the Firefighter's Prayer and Striking the Four Fives, an FDNY tradition of sounding bells on the passing of a firefighter. Special thanks to Chief Tom Hayden of the Merion Fire Co. of Ardmore for joining us and contributing to the ceremony.


Date: 10.30.13 Today marks the 25 year anniversary of the multi-alarm fire in Ardmore at the Kiddie City building. The Penn Wynne-Overbrook Hills Fire Company responded to Ardmore with numerous other companies. During the incident, one of our own went down succumbing to his injuries. Today, we remember Harold F. Beck Jr. who was a dedicated firefighter, photographer and friend. We thank you for your service to the community. Rest in peace Harold. Harold F. Beck Jr.


Happy Halloween
Date: 10.29.13 We will be hosting our annual Halloween Party tomorrow night, 10/30, at 7:00 PM. Please stop by for some fun with the magician Chad Juros. Prizes for great costumes and treats for all kids will be given out.


Date: 9.5.2013 This evening members traveled to the Public Safety Training Campus in Conshohocken for a deployment drill as part of the Southeastern Technical Rescue Taskforce. The exercise consisted of a simulated dispatch for a confined space rescue, and members from The Fairmount of Norristown, as well as Upper Merion and Lower Merion Fire Departments were dispatched. Upon arrival, an incident action plan and incident command structure were established in order to effect the rescue. Thanks to all of the members from each department for participating, as well as the event evaluators who critiqued our capabilities.


Date: 8.14.13 Congratulations to Firefighters Mark McCauley and Erik Kallberg who have completed their probationary period. This evening we switched out their helmet fronts to the "Firefighter Apprentice" rank which they will have until they obtain their Firefighter 1 certification.

We would also like to say good luck to Erik as he leaves tomorrow for his freshman year in college. Before drill this evening members gathered to offer words of wisdom and advise to the lad, which like everything in the fire service turned into story time and reminiscing of days past. Good luck Erik, and we will see you during your break.


Kitchen Fire
Date: 7.31.13 As our members were drifting off into a deep sleep after a challenging vehicle rescue drill, the pagers alerted 21 members of a house fire on Sussex Road. The dispatch notes stated there had been a fire in the kitchen which was extinguished by the home owner, however there was a smoke condition. The company arrived to find plastic melted over a stove top with soot and smoke throughout the house. Apparently one of the homeowners cats accidentally turned on the stove top melting the plastic hanging along side the oven. Members secured utilities to the stove top and ventilated the house. Narberth Ambulance responded in to check the home owner who took in a bit of smoke. Thankfully she was not transported and will be okay.


Squished Like a Bug
Date: 7.29.2013 Tonight we were dispatched to City Ave and Cardinal for an accident with entrapment. Crews arrived to find a Volkswagon Beetle off the roadway with the driver unconscious. Rescue services were not needed however we stood by until the patient was removed from the vehicle. Units on scene were Pipeline 28, Utility 28, Rescue 21, Rescue 22, Medic 313, LM Police and a Philly Medic Unit.


Heart Pavillion Evacuation Drill
Date: 7.26.2013 Today, members of the company spent the morning at Lankenau Hospital working with hospital officials and members of Narberth Ambulance, Lower Merion Police and various county and state agency representatives in order to affect an evacuation of the new heart pavillion as part of a sponsored drill. The exercise brought together multiple agencies working tirelessly to relocate twenty-nine patients of the new tower to a temporary hospital tent setup by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Special Medical Assistance Response Team due to a simulated failure in building services. Our members performed a variety of tasks including training hospital employees on the use of our stokes basket and reeves stretcher, assisting with the command structure managing the evolution and assiting with evacuating patients. We thank Lankenau for the invite to participate and look forward to other exciting oppotunities.

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Date: 6.16.13 A few years ago, Assistant Chief Anthony Molchany stepped down as an officer due to he and his wife Colleen purchasing a house in King of Prussia. Anthony's passion for firefighting drove him to join King of Prussia Volunteer Fire Company. We were pleased to find out that last Friday, Anthony was appointed Lieutenant 47-2. Congratulations Anthony on rising to be an officer again. You did well for us and we are confident you will do well for King of Prussia.


Date: 6.14.13 Late in the afternoon, Stations 28 (Union) and 22 (Belmont Hills) were dispatched to a building fire at Bala Plaza One on St. Asaph's Road. Due to the number of calls, County fire dispatch automatically dispatched the "Working Fire" procedure and an additional ladder (Engine 26, Ladder 26, Engine 24 (FAST) and Air 24. Upon arrival, Assistant 28 requested an additional ladder and FAST team bringing Ladder 21 and Rescue 21 to the scene. Soon after, the General Alarm was sounded bringing all township fire companies into the scene. Upon arrival, Ladder 21 placed the aerial ladder in service to the roof as the rescue's team stood by on the 6th floor in case a firefighter got hurt or trapped. As the fire was placed under control, we were released from current duties and reassigned to the 6th floor (Division 6) to ensure the fire did not spread to any offices and the smoke was clearing out. Great job to all involved in this resource intensive fire. Thanks to Llanerch Fire Company for providing an engine to cover our district.


21 Renews its Participating Status
Date: 4.18.2013 Today we received word from the Office of the State Fire Commissioner that our application to renew our Participating Department status was accepted and approved. Penn Wynne Fire Company will continue to be recognized as having 75% of the active brigade certified as fire professionals in accordance with nationally recognized and sanctioned Professional Qualification standards. This renewal emphasizes our brigades dedication to training and certification.


Date: 4.3.2013 The Penn Wynne Fire Company is please to report that we have renewal our Department of Health certification as a Quick Response Service (QRS). This means that our Engine and Rescue contain a specific amount and type of medical equipment and are able to respond to and provide emergency medical services to patients pending the arrival of the pre-hospital personnel of an ambulance service.


Date: 4.6.2013 Today the Krispy Kreme Cruiser visited our station delivering tasty treats as part of their Hero Appreciation program. Thanks Krispy Kreme and we wish you luck with your new Havertown store.


Date: 2.16.13 This evening Rescue 21 traveled to the Boro of Norristown to cover Rescue 27 as their members attended their annual banquet. We were accompanied by King of Prussia's Tower 47. The 17 hour cover resulted in four calls for service: a culinary mishap, fumes in the home, a residential lock out, and a fire alarm. We hope the members of The Fairmount had a fantastic evening celebrating their accomplishments for the past year.


Date: 2.12.13 Around 3:30PM today Engine, Utility, and Decon 21 responded to Villanova University for a chemical spill in the science building. Crews arrived and were briefed by the uniformed command of fire, EMS, and Montgomery County HazMat officials, as well as representatives of Villanova University. Crews established a technical decontamination corridor comprised of our Zumro shower and rehabilitation tent for those students and staff that were affected by this incident. Story


Date: 1.21.13 The Penn Wynne-Overbrook Hills Fire Company will mark the 18th Annual Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service, Monday, January 21, by serving as a collection point for vitally needed everyday items for children, aged 0-12, living in poverty in the five-county southeastern Pennsylvania area.

The collection is in support of Cradles to Crayons’ ( year-round program to provide these essential items to disadvantaged children, free of charge, by engaging and connecting communities that have with communities that need.

Area residents are asked to bring new and nearly new infants’ and children’s clothing, warm coats, hats, shoes, boots, gloves, newborn baby items, baby safety equipment, toys, books and school supplies to the Penn Wynne Fire Company at 1440 Manoa Road, Wynnewood, PA 19096. The firehouse site will be staffed by Cradles to Crayons’ volunteers from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Monday, January 21.

Donations can also be made at other locations throughout the region. For locations of other sites and details on what Cradles to Crayons can accept, go to For further information please contact Jeff Baxter at 215-836-0958 Ext. 210 or by email at


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